XAEL – Heart ft. Van Gammon (Official Music Video)

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Director: Hannah Ortega-Johnson
Story By: Hannah Ortega-Johnson

Producers: Hannah Ortega-Johnson, Patreon supporters
Cam Ops: Levi Millerborg and Seth Johnson @jmfilmandphoto
1st AD: Ian Berry @berryfilmedit
Gaffer: Rebecca Buhrke @rbuhrke
BTS: Connor Mooney @connormproductions
Choreography: Jessie Brown @jessiebrownies
Dancers: Zsanae Dickerson @zsanae_ and Andrea Kim @andrea.k.kim
Editor, VFX, & Colorist: Hannah Ortega-Johnson
Engineer: Aurel Baker @subtonic24

Special thanks to Dallas Center of Photography.
Special Guest: Lauren Read @bubblefoo

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♫ Lyrics:

LYRIC VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BR4GUUXMAU

“Lighting strikes
‘Til the heart pumps fear
Gotta wait my turn
To crash and burn
When the fight takes flight
Hope the sky runs clear
Pray to heal my wounds
When I’m down bound to the world

Told my heart I was occupied
Said my pain wasn’t authorized
Bypass through the harder times

Hop in, let the caution drive
See, the fall ain’t too far from pride
Better you than me on the mind
Flat tune when we fall in line
Follow your pace, pray I won’t fall on my face
Maybe I’ve fallen from grace,
I put that all in my praise, I gotta call from the gates,
Quick Draw McGraw with the trace

Wish I copped some fresher kicks
Just for emphasis, I been on this race
Your obsession with perfection says
That I should take the blame for your mistakes

Well I’m tellin’ the enemy keep that same energy
I got a leg up tho; walking like centipedes
Sick and depending on who got the remedy
I got offenses and friends that’s defending me
Mirrors reflecting on old distance memories
…Remind me to always stay ready
And better be willing to say what He said to me

They’ve been forming weapons, I ain’t stressing cuz I’m holy
Never let a hater block my blessings like a goalie
Four chambers, nerves, arteries, and still we use His name in vain, wait
Crying shame, living for the heart but to die is gain, heart break, heart break, heart break

Was left to my own devices
And now I’m in deep
I’m dreaming of paradises
But I’m not asleep”


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